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Seasider Testing With Nomi Health

COVID-19 nasal swab testing from Nomi Health

BYU–Hawaii has partnered with Nomi Health to provide antigen and PCR testing at no cost to employees and students. As of August 2021, COVID-19 testing will also be available at no cost to the public (non-students and non-employees). Participants are asked to bring some form of identification (see below) and insurance cards although having insurance is not required to get tested. Appointments and walk-ins are accepted. Drive-in testing is also available.

Nomi Health is transitioning away from PCR saliva testing. Instead, nasal swab testing (both antigen and PCR) will be available. Nomi Health is hoping this transition will improve delays in result turnaround time with the increase in testing demand.

Testing Schedule and Location

Testing is available Monday through Friday between 7 am and 2 pm and on Saturday between 9 am and 12 pm (noon) in the southeast corner of the Cannon Activities Center (CAC) next to the Gym Parking Lot. Find the BYUH Gym Parking Lot on Google Maps.

There are a limited number of parking stalls set aside for drive-up testing. Check-in instructions are posted at each stall. Other stalls are available to park in and walk up to the Nomi Health tents for check-in and testing.

Please note that scheduled operational hours and days may change due to University needs.

Testing Process

  1. Pre-register and make an appointment for your test before arriving at the testing site. Walk-in appointments are also available.
  2. Bring an ID to your appointment. Driver's licenses, state IDs, and passports are accepted. Bring your insurance card if you have insurance. This includes students using the Student Medical Benefit for BYUH students.
  3. Check-in at the testing site during your scheduled time period.
  4. Nomi Health staff will collect a sample by swabbing each nostril 10 times with the nasal swab.
  5. Participants will be notified via email and text when their results are available. With an increase in samples, results have been available within 48-72 hours instead of the next day. Participants will be required to enter their date of birth to obtain the results.

Pre-Register for a Seasider Test

Test Results

Notifications of results are sent via email and text between 48 and 72 hours after the sample was provided. Nomi Health appreciates your patience as they mitigate the influx of tests.

Participants will be required to enter their date of birth to obtain the results. An official letter will also be provided with the participant's results to use for any travel purposes (i.e. traveling to another country that requires certification of testing). Currently, this type of test does not satisfy the requirements to avoid state quarantine following travel or a positive COVID-19 test result.

Testing Costs

Patients are encouraged to bring insurance information each time they test. Insurance programs will be billed. Testing will be at no cost to the patient, even if insurance claims are not covered entirely by their insurance. If patients do not have insurance, Nomi Health will utilize federal funding programs to cover the cost of the COVID-19 test. 

Testing Support

Email or call (808) 207-5459 with questions or concerns about the test. Team members will be available Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm HST.

BYUH Weekly Testing Requirement

To ensure the safety of the campus, testing is required weekly for all faculty, staff, and students working or studying on campus or using on-campus resources who have not been fully vaccinated. Weekly testing means individuals must provide one sample per Monday to Saturday testing period.

Exemptions From BYUH Required Weekly Testing Requirement

Non-vaccinated students and employees who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 and have completed isolation are exempt from the University's required weekly Seasider Testing for a period of 90 days. These individuals should show documentation of the positive test result with the date of the test to Health Services by emailing Beginning immediately after that 90 day period, these individuals are required to be tested weekly.

Individuals who have completed the shot sequence (one or both doses) for a COVID-19 vaccination are also exempt from weekly testing beginning two weeks after their final dose. Employees should upload their vaccination documentation to Workday to report their vaccination status.

Students who are not able to initiate or complete a COVID-19 vaccination before arriving on campus must send a brief explanation of their circumstances, full name, and ID number to and participate in weekly testing until their vaccination is complete. Once completed, students should send a copy of their vaccination documentation to with their name and ID number.

To request a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, fill out the COVID-19 vaccination request form or call (808) 374-9515.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are multiple scenarios where you may not receive your results within 72 hours of providing a test sample. The email notification may have been rerouted to another folder. Please verify the email address you used to register for your appointment and ensure the email is not in a spam/junk mail folder. Another possibility is that the lab may have generated an inconclusive result with your sample. If that is the case, the lab will try to re-run your sample. If a positive result is generated, an email will be sent to the email address on file immediately.

    For BYUH employees or students participating in weekly Seasider Testing, if you haven’t received your result by the end of the week (Sunday), please test the following week and continue to test weekly. Do not test again within the same week.
  • Testing is available to anyone who would like to get tested. This includes community members as well as BYUH students and employees.
  • Individuals who are experiencing symptoms can still get tested at the Seasider Testing site and should notify the testing team of symptoms. Following the testing, those individuals will need to isolate immediately as they wait for results and contact their healthcare provider.
  • All individuals who test positive will need to isolate themselves immediately and contact their health care provider. BYUH students and employees should also contact Health Services. If Health Services is your main healthcare provider, further instructions will be provided.
  • There is a greater than 99.95% chance that the sample that was provided and received a positive test result contained the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).
  • There is no way to cancel the existing appointment. Individuals can schedule a new appointment if needed.
  • Testing personnel will be able to look up your registration with your name and time of appointment when you arrive for your test.