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Aloha Center Ballroom
Cannon Activities Center (CAC)
Cannon Activities Center (CAC)
Cannon Activities Center (CAC)
Employee Resources
Calendars & Events
Faculty Resources
Tech Support
Health & Safety
Food & Housing
Campus Resources
Faith & Spirituality
Helpful Links
Calendars & Events
BYUH events, student activities, devotionals, and lectures.
Semester dates, class schedules, registration deadlines etc.
End of semester final schedule based on course times.
Location, hours, and closure information.
Clock in, and out, view time sheet, view payslips, and more.
Internal, and external job board.
Information for managers, students, and employees related to hiring, on-boarding, and employee benefits.
Information on the five-part core package of insurance plans offered through DMBA.
Direct Deposit, Paycheck Info, W-2’s, etc.
Various training videos of workday tasks.
List of Employees at BYUH.
Access your unique university email ( or
General postal services to students, faculty, and staff.
Student, employee, career, and special bulletin submission guidelines.
Latest campus, student, alumni, and faculty news.
Student-produced magazine issues, photo gallery, and videos.
Assistance requests for password, access, computer, email, network, phone problems, etc.
University brand, and terminology guides, communication channels, and services.
Faculty Resources
BYUH Framework, resources, and faculty, and staff.
Access to class schedules, grades, class rosters, etc.
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Faculty Advisory Council
University committee minutes.
Hub for faculty support and information.
Guided mapping of courses and communicating with students.
Online center for curriculum, and curriculum change information.
Cloud File Storage
Tech Support
Resetting password process.
Links to request assistance with the Office of Information Technology.
Requests for new employee access, additional access, removal of access, etc.
Hours of operation and list of available services.
Assistance requests for voicemail password, network, phone problems, etc.
Provides support for infrastructure, communication, media, and informational services to both academic, and business branches of the university.
Instructions for the DUO device installations.
Hours, medical services offered, billing, insurance, and general health topics.
Provides individual, couple, and group counseling by mental health professionals.
Resources, forms, and application for accommodations.
Hours and information for the Fitness Center, Cannon Activities Center, Issue Room, McKay Gym, and McKay Pool.
Crime prevention, reporting, and traffic, and parking regulations.
Academic grievances, honor code violations, security concerns, or sexual misconduct.
Resources regarding sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and violence.
All things academics including curriculum, assessment, accreditation, institutional research, faculty resources, etc.
Online management of student courses.
Listings of all courses, and programs offered at BYU–Hawaii.
Requirements for a bachelor's degree.
Build an academic program with the three core areas of study.
Online schedule of all out-of-class exams provided in the Testing Center facility.
Hours, forms, and academic records such as registration, graduation, transcripts, class schedule, etc.
Guided mapping of courses.

English, Film, Visual Arts, and Communication, Media, and Culture.
Accounting, Business Management, Political Science, and Hospitality, and Tourism Management.
Anthropology, History, Humanities, Peacebuilding, Music, Theater, Hawaiian Studies, and Pacific Island Studies.
Social Work, Teacher Education, and TESOL.
Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information Technology.
Religious Education.
Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Physical Science, Physics, and Exercise, and Sports Science.
Food Services
Cafeteria weekly menu, meal plan overview, hours, and prices.
Online ordering, hours, Stir Fry, Deli Bar, and Grill menus.
Hours of operation, and vendor application forms.
Online catering ordering, and equipment rentals.
Employee Housing
Information on housing benefits, non-BYU–Hawaii housing, and BYU–Housing rent rates, deposit amounts etc.
Housing information and downloadable Housing Wait list Application
Steps on how to submit a Service Request through Facilities Management
Campus Resources
Full-service print shop with apparel printing, banners, business cards, etc.
General postal services for students, faculty, and staff.
BYUH online store, book list, FAQs, and, graduation cap, and gown ordering.
Campus cable TV, live stream, and Residential Life Cinema.
Hours of operation, study room reservation, and online catalog of books, articles, and other scholarly resources.
Hours of operation, and services provided such as bowling, pool, ping pong, video games, etc.
Pest control, recycling, car rental, key card access, and service requests.
Access to the Virtual EMS scheduling system.
Direct deposit, payroll, cashier, and accounting services.
View Travel Services policies and procedures.
Faith & Spirituality
Upcoming and recent devotionals
Location, hours and closure information
Academic honesty, ecclesiastical endorsement, residential living standards, and dress & grooming information
Single and married student ward boundaries and meeting times
Helpful Links
Getting around Campus.
Cloud File Storage
Information, and renewal of yearly parking, and bike permits.
Connect with alumni, expand your network, or establish short, and long-term mentorships.
Streaming movies service provided by BYUH.
A-Z list of current university policies
A source for construction updates from the Planning, Design, & Construction department.
Access the PeopleSoft Student Center where employees can make any present or future payments for bills such as phone, housing, or utilities.

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