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Fall 2020 Semester

Details for a remote learning fall semester at BYU–Hawaii

University leadership has determined that all classes will be taught remotely during the Fall 2020 Semester. We recognize that this news may be disappointing to those who have anticipated joining us on campus this fall. The administration, staff, and faculty of BYU–Hawaii share that disappointment and look forward to the day when we can safely gather face-to-face. The decision to invite students back to campus will be made very carefully and as soon as it becomes clear that departure from homelands, travel to Hawaii, and facilities are sufficiently safe and able to accommodate the majority of our diverse student population.


We will invite students back to campus as soon as it is safe and reasonable to do so. We are hoping that this will take place sometime during the fall semester, but the exact timing will depend on many factors outside of our control.

In the meantime, we encourage you to wait to make travel plans to Hawaii due to quarantine requirements and lingering uncertainty. We will provide updates and help you with your plans as soon as sufficient information is available.

On-Campus Single Student Housing

At the moment, new housing contracts are not being issued and contracts in place for fall semester housing are being canceled. BYU–Hawaii will continue to provide temporary housing for those students who currently live in on-campus single student housing and can’t return home due to borders being closed or no available flights.

Refunds for Fall Housing Contracts

Single student housing and meal plan application fees will be refunded.

On-Campus Married Student Housing (TVA)

Married students who applied to TVA for the summer break or fall semester have been sent an email with a response request date of June 15. Those currently residing in the state of Hawaii may be eligible to be invited to TVA for the fall semester.

Students who left TVA during winter or spring semester planning to return for the fall semester will continue to have their space held until students are invited back to campus provided they respond to future emails requesting information by the deadlines provided.

Hale and TVA Storage

Students wishing to leave campus can store up to five items which include four medium boxes and one oversized item. make an appointment and fill out the storage forms on the Housing Portal under "Housing Updates." Female students will then be able to bring items to the Hale 1 Lounge male students to the Hale 2 Lounge.

Items that were stored during Winter and Spring 2020 Semesters and Summer Break will remain in storage until the next face to face semester. Items will be available for students to pick up during the on-campus housing check-in period when the hales re-open.

Tuition and Financial Aid


BYU–Hawaii makes every effort to keep tuition costs down. As a result, tuition is below the national average for both private and public schools. While it is not possible for the University to discount tuition any further, we are working closely with faculty to provide a positive experience worth the expense. If you have challenges with financing your tuition, we invite you to consult with the Financial Aid & Scholarship department.

Academics and Curriculum

Classes Available

Deans will be making adjustments to course offerings. Advisors are aware that changes will be made and will be working with students to help them with adjusting their class schedules in case some of these classes are canceled.

Mode of Instruction

Professors are planning different types of learning activities for the various courses depending on the specific properties of each. Your experience will therefore be varied. In general, instructors are seeking ways to narrow the gap between you and them which will sometimes involve video-conferencing, social media, live group discussions, and direct help. This is the reason why specific days and times for your course are listed, so that scheduled opportunities for live interactions remain available for each course. Some instructors will use those time slots frequently, and others will use them less often. To avoid conflicts between classes for those time slots, you are not able to enroll in classes scheduled for the same time slot. Request for exceptions will require the approval of the instructors of both courses. In any case, consideration will be given to special circumstances such as extreme time-zone differences and connectivity/bandwidth issues with respect to the internet. Your instructors will contact you shortly before the semester begins to provide more detailed information about your courses. You are encouraged to inform your instructor at that time regarding concerns about your internet availability and your time-zones.

Academic Support for Students

The University will continue to provide online services for student support including advisement, tutoring, and the services from the Center for Academic Success.

New Student Orientation

Orientation will be provided online for new students.

Graduation Requirements

We do not anticipate making general changes to program requirements in response to COVID-19. However, individual appeals for substitutions or waivers of requirements associated with the pandemic will be considered by deans on a case-by-case basis. If you are uncertain about whom to contact, your academic advisor can help you find the right person.


A pass/fail option will not be offered for the Fall 2020 Semester as it was offered in the Winter 2020 Semester. Grading will involve standard letter grades.


Deferrals are available for students leaving on missions or medical emergencies. Otherwise, we encourage you to enroll and get started on or continue with your education. Doing so will maintain your status as a matriculated BYU–Hawaii student. We hope that all of our student body will join us this fall. If you do not feel that you can, we invite you to reapply for admission when the moment is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each university has been making decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic separately based on guidelines from the CDC, local governmental orders, and specific circumstances pertaining to that university. In the case of BYU–Hawaii, the primary consideration was the safety of students, the university staff, and the local community. Other considerations included facility limitations and travel restrictions from the wide range of countries representing our students. Since some of these circumstances are unique for each university, it is to be expected that each will differ in the plans it makes for the coming semester.
  • Like you, our goal is to return to face-to-face instruction as soon as reasonable. We are working toward that end. We will be inviting students back to campus when it is safe and feasible. Stay tuned for more information as the situation progresses.
  • PCC will be making their own announcements as to when they will resume normal activities. Hukilau Marketplace is now open.